Ocean Cycle Certification
OceanCycle is a social enterprise focused on preventing ocean plastic pollution and improving livelihoods in coastal communities through certification and direct social interventions.

OceanCycle partner with a global network of brands, retailers and manufacturers to maximize the use of certified ocean-bound materials in new products.  

Over 80% of plastic in our oceans starts on land, and research shows that what does get in the water sinks to the bottom and is difficult to recover.

To date, companies using material certified by OceanCycle are responsible for recycling more than 23,150 metric tons (the equivalent of 926 million plastic bottles) —the largest collective global ocean plastic pollution prevention effort to date.

OceanCycle developed the world’s first and leading certification standard for ocean and ocean-bound plastics. When you see the OceanCyle Certified mark, it means traceability you can trust. 

The OceanCycle Certified mark must be earned through a rigorous evaluation process and in-person audits. Certification gives everyone in the supply chain confidence in both the quality and impact of the ocean-bound material.

Our certification covers:

  • Material Collection: Fits within OceanCycle’s standards of proximity to the coastline in an area of mismanaged waste
  • Ethical Sourcing: Must be post-consumer waste from the country of origin and collected in an ethical manner ensuring no harmful child labor and fair wages to collectors
  • Environmental Practices: Proper disposal of wastewater and chemicals
  • Documentation: Compliance with OceanCycle’s end-to-end traceability, documented from bottle collection through to manufacturing

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