Leverage and Gildan Sustainability Development: Gender Equality

05 Dec, 2022,murphy

On August 18, 2022, Shanghai Leverage Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Leverage) and GILDAN signed a sustainable development consulting cooperation agreement under the witness of SCORE Research Institute. Suppliers carry out the Corporate Sustainability Development (SCORE) Project - Workplace Cooperation and Gender Equality Module, which aims to help their suppliers improve management, promote respect for workers' rights, and promote decent employment and gender equality; Gender-related adverse effects of groups at work, helping to mitigate, eliminate or prevent the adverse effects of gender inequality; helping their suppliers to improve people-to-people communication and improve working conditions while enhancing business productivity and competitiveness; The SCORE project will help build a stronger relationship of trust between suppliers' employees, management and GILDAN, and work together to achieve SDG5.

SDG 5 性别平等



Mr. Zeng Yajun, Vice President of Purchasing, Jiedan (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., 

Mr. Qu Weifeng, General Manager of Shanghai Laiweijue Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.


Corporate Sustainability Program

The Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) programme was developed by the ILO International Labour Organization as a management training and consultancy programme to promote workplace improvements for SMEs. The SCORE project is currently implemented in 24 countries around the world. Through SCORE training and consulting services, we can help companies improve their management level, promote respect for workers' rights, promote decent employment, and enhance their productivity and competitiveness while improving working conditions.

SCORE focuses on the strong link between workplace practices and productivity, and strives to create long-term win-win solutions that benefit both employers and employees.

The SCORE project has a total of seven modules: workplace cooperation, quality management, productivity and cleaner production, human resource management, occupational safety and health, business continuity planning, and gender equality. Enterprises can conduct SCORE training and consultation according to their current situation and their own needs.
Shanghai Leverage Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
Leverage is a SCORE project licensing agency recognized by the ILO International Labour Organization, and can provide customers with training and consulting services for various modules of the SCORE project, including but not limited to social responsibility, health and safety, employee relations, quality management, climate action, business ethics, compliance Ongoing purchases, etc.

Leverage is also a certification body of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA-R-2020-707), an inspection and appraisal body of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS IB0605), a member of the LCA Full Life Cycle Green Management Professional Committee, as well as UNGC, Member units of many international organizations such as UNEP, AWS, SAI, etc., work with relevant parties to help enterprises achieve their sustainable development goals.

      GILDAN GROUP      

GILDAN is a global clothing brand with the concept of environmental protection. With unprinted solid-color ready-to-wear clothing, it is unique in the world. Its products are distributed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other places. Since its establishment, GILDAN has insisted on using cotton grown locally in the United States without pollution. Every link from textile fibers to garments is completed in its own consistent operation factory, so it can maintain the highest quality control standards. Perseverance and persistence in quality make GILDAN the best brand designated by many customers in the United States and Canada for T-shirts, Polo shirts and sportswear.


     Sustainable Development Institute   

SCORE Research Institute, to promote the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises

The SCORE Institute is the only quality control organization authorized by the International Labour Organization in China for consulting and training on corporate sustainability projects.

The SCORE Institute is a platform-based organization that provides relevant consulting and training with the goal of promoting the sustainable development of enterprises. SCORE Research Institute is committed to be the quality control center for SCORE project consulting and training and other related supply chain management.

The SCORE Institute provides enterprises with "participatory training + enterprise consulting" that can be implemented practically. Fast, flexible, in-depth and practical are the characteristics of college training. The research institute pays attention to the quality and efficiency of consulting and training, designs training modules for enterprises that meet market needs, combines participatory training with on-site consulting and counseling, and solves practical problems through systematic tools and advanced methods at home and abroad.

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