Leverage Was Invited to Participate in the Research Symposium on the Work of "Same Line, Same Standard and Same Quality" for Domestic and Foreign Trade Products

22 Sep, 2022,murphy

On August 18, 2022, the Certification and Supervision Office of Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held the "Same Line, Same Standard and Same Quality Work Research Symposium for Domestic and Foreign Trade Products", and Qu Weifeng of Shanghai Leverage Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was also invited to participate in the meeting here, and had in-depth exchanges with the Changning District Chamber of Commerce, some member institutions of the Yangtze River Delta "Belt and Road" International Certification Alliance, and representatives of relevant enterprises.


During the meeting, the relevant personnel of the Certification Office of the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation explained the policies and requirements of the Administration for Market Regulation for the work of "same line, same standard and same quality" for domestic and foreign products; The third-party institutions participating in the conference also put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on the practical experience in testing and standards, the difficulties encountered, and the needs and ideas for the "same line, same standard and same quality"  service.



Qu Weifeng, general manager of Leverage, discussed with everyone on the work of "three equals" and shared his personal views:

1. The work of "Three Sames" is an important starting point for the establishment of domestic and international dual circulation and mutual promotion;

2. Encourage enterprises to establish their own product standards, which will help improve the production efficiency, quality level, and market capabilities of enterprises;

3. The work of "Three Sames" requires the participation of more relevant parties, especially the support of retail enterprises to help enterprises open up retail channels;

4. As a third-party organization, Lai Wei Jue will actively support the development of the "Three Sames" work, and will conduct enterprise research and technical support in the later stage.



In recent years, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have repeatedly put forward requirements for promoting the work of "Three Sames".  "Three Sames" is an important means to establish a domestic and international dual circulation to promote each other. "Three Sames" is an important measure to promote the connection and integrated development of domestic and foreign markets. "Three Sames" products are high-quality products that benchmark against international advanced standards.

Interpretation of the "Three Sames" Policy


1. Create a favorable policy and development environment


Efforts shall be made to incorporate the work of "Three Sames" into the overall deployment of party committees and governments at all levels, organically integrate into local industrial development and the integration of domestic and foreign trade, and create a favorable policy coordination environment; adopt measures to accelerate the transfer of domestic market access, promote the introduction of support policies, and strengthen certification As a result, various methods such as adopting credit, promoting platform construction, etc., encourage and guide enterprises to meet the requirements of "Three Sames" through self-declaration or third-party evaluation, and move towards high-quality development by benchmarking against advanced standards. 


2. The organization provides comprehensive technical services

Organize the establishment of service mechanisms such as standards, third-party evaluation, quality control, etc., to provide business training and technical services for enterprises to expand domestic and international markets; Quality development model; explore the establishment of the promotion and implementation mechanism of regional coordination and departmental cooperation, and organize and promote the implementation of domestic and foreign trade products. 


3. Guide the development of "Three Sames" products

Explore and deepen the reform of the domestic and foreign trade supervision system, business qualifications, etc., to stimulate the vitality and motivation of market players to implement the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade; support qualified and willing enterprises to benchmark against international advanced standards to improve the level of the industrial chain and supply chain, and strengthen R&D, design, production Innovations in manufacturing, marketing services, etc., further expand "Three Sames"products and become an international compatible enterprise; support local and industry organizations to build and improve working mechanisms; encourage business industry organizations to establish "Three Sames"service platforms based on industry characteristics, and cooperate with The "Three Sames"public information service platform does a good job of data docking. 


4. Facilitate the sales of "Three Sames"products

Guide and encourage supermarket chains, convenience stores, and e-commerce platforms to sell "Three Sames" products according to local conditions, and set up a "Three Sames" special area to better meet the diverse needs of the market; support "Three Sames" products to enter the China Import and Export Fair, China The International Consumer Goods Expo, China Processing Trade Products Expo and other domestic and foreign trade exhibition platforms will increase publicity and promotion, and expand domestic and foreign market influence. 


5. Urge all parties to fulfill their responsibilities

Strengthen the quality supervision of "Three Sames" enterprises and products, and urge enterprises to implement their main responsibilities; guide the "Three Sames"public service platform to establish a platform quality reputation control and maintenance system, and strengthen platform quality governance; The supervision of professional and technical institutions that provide services such as certification and testing, and urge professional and technical institutions to implement their main responsibilities. 


6. Collaborate to promote the implementation of "Three Sames"

Enterprises are the main body of the implementation of "Three Sames", and use a set of technical specifications, a set of management models, and a set of evaluation tools to ensure the quality of products and services; industry organizations are the bridges and links to promote "Three Sames", and do a good job of "Three Sames" Information services, publicity and promotion, industry self-discipline, reputation maintenance and platform docking; third-party organizations are the technical support for the work of "Three Sames", providing enterprises with domestic and foreign product standards comparison analysis and certification testing services; government regulations guide the "Three Sames" "Work and create a good development environment. 


7. Strengthen publicity and promotion

Give full play to the strength of all parties in the society, actively organize and carry out the promotion activities of "Three Sames" work and products; pay attention to publicity, promote enterprises and industry organizations to connect with the "Three Sames" public service platform, and display the "Three Sames" product information to the outside world.


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