Notice on the Solicitation of 5 Group Standard Compilation Units including the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Enterprise ESG Environment, Society and Governance Reports"

22 Aug, 2023,murphy

Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics

Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations 


Notice on the Solicitation of 5 Group Standard Compilation Units including the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Enterprise ESG Environment, Society and Governance Reports"

All relevant units:

In order to implement the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Management of Group Standards" and "Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Group Standards and Norms", extensively attract relevant parties such as production, operation, management, construction, consumption, monitoring and certification to participate in the preparation of group standards of the Association, give full play to the advantages of all parties, and comprehensively improve the quality of group standards of the Association. In the near future, we plan to organize and carry out the collection of participating units of five group standards (see Annex 1 for the list), including the "Guidelines for the preparation of Enterprise ESG Environmental, Social and Governance Reports". The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows

1. Application conditions

1). The main business of the applicant unit should be closely related to the preparation and implementation of the group standards to be participated in, and have a high reputation in the industry.

2). The applicant unit should be a legal entity and have the personnel, equipment and related conditions required to participate in the preparation of group standards.

3). In principle, the number of group standards applied by each applicant unit shall not exceed 2.

2. Application and process

Units that meet the application conditions, please fill in the application form for participating in the preparation of group standards (Appendix 2) and the registration form for members of the standard drafting experts, affix the official seal of the unit, and send the scanned copy to the contact person's mailbox. We will conduct a centralized review of the application materials, and the review results will be notified to all applicants in a timely manner.

3. Contact information

      Contact 1: Jiang Weisong

      Tel: 021-63292869


      Contact 2: Zhao Xuxing

      Tel: 13761533653






      1. List of group standards that are currently being compiled by soliciting partici-pating units

     2. Application form of the participate in the preparation of group standard


 Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics

Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations 

Mar. 2nd, 2023



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