Leverage Limited is a member of the Sedex AAG

08 Feb, 2015,admin

Leverage Limited has become one of the members of the Sedex AAG. We are also one of the recognized audit companies by some large retailers/importers to conduct SMETA audits.

The Associate Auditor Groups (AAGs) are Sedex working groups made up of commercial auditing companies and NGOs that are significantly involved in ethical trade auditing, with active participation from Sedex members.

The purpose of the AAGs is to drive convergence in ethical trade/social auditing, based on and helping to shape best practice.

Participation in working groups is a condition of the AAGs membership and there is an application process with associated criteria.

The AAGs work to:-

  • improve  best practice guidance on conducting social audits (SMETA)
  • develop and improve  standardised preferred audit report formats (SMETA)
  • develop agreed protocols on auditor training requirements and qualifications (available to members in the ‘Resources’ section of the Sedex system)
  • establish project groups, where required
  • agree priorities and areas for system developments