ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

The purpose of ISO 9001 standard is the organization shall meet the customer requirements in view of customer’s satisfaction, continual improvement of QMS processes and conformity of customer and applicable statutory & regulatory requirements of product, through effective implementation of Quality Management System in the organization. 

The ISO 9001 standard can be used by any organization, including service providers such as hospitals, banks or universities.

Will it help me increase my profits ?

ISO 9001 can help bring financial benefits in a number of ways :
  • Using ISO 9001 can increase productivity and efficiency, thus lowering the costs of an organization
  • Using ISO 9001 can improve customer experience, resulting in repeat business, increased sales and additional income for your business
  • Getting certified to ISO 9001 can enhance your reputation, attracting new customers to your organization

What benefits will it bring to my business or organization ?
  • Enable you to clearly state your objectives and identify new business opportunities
  • Lead to more repeat custom, new clients and increased business for your organization
  • Increases productivity and efficiency, bringing internal costs down
  • Meet the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Expand into new markets, as some sectors and clients require ISO 9001 before doing business
  • Identify and address the risks associated with your organization

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