Code of Conduct Audit

Factories are assessed against a list of nine standards (child labor, forced labor, health & safety, freedom of association, discrimination, etc.) as well as customer specified requirements to ensure fair & ethical production of goods.

The social audit addresses customer concerns regarding human rights in the workplace. It is a detailed assessment identifying local practices that may not conform to the global SA8000 ethical standards and/or the customers own internal standards regarding the treatment of workers.

Among other things, adherence to SA 8000 requires, for example, the prohibition of child and forced labor, that employees work a maximum of 48 hours per week with one day off and the demand for and introduction of humane working conditions.

The difference between a general social audit and a Code of Conduct audit is that we can customize the audit standards and report template to align with client's special focus and requirement. A tailor-made CoC audit solution for client will mitigate your risks throughout the whole supply chain.