Leverage Limited hires professionals who are honest and punctual. If Leverage Limited discovers anything during an inspection or audit that could be deemed as corrupt, Leverage Limited reserves the right to contact the appropriate officials to investigate the Company, supplier, or factory. If the Company believes that the staff from Leverage Limited has participated in something that could be deemed as corrupt, then Leverage Limited will undertake all measures necessary to ensure that any corruption is discovered and terminated.

  • ●  Leverage Limited staffs all signed an Ethics agreement

  • ●  Leverage Limited Code of Ethics policy prohibits acceptance of gift, money or benefit in any form, direct or indirect.

  • ●  Factories to sign Code of Conduct Letter

  • ●  Dedicated Integrity Audit Team implement

  • ●  Ethic practices

  • ●  Rotation of field staff

  • ●  Random telephone audits to factories

  • ●  Surprise field audits

  • ●  “MYSTERY” Inspectors