How Can Companies Make Their Own Carbon Neutral Plans?

22 Sep, 2022,murphy

How can companies make their own carbon neutral plans?  

To achieve carbon neutrality, enterprises must first implement energy-saving and emission reduction strategies to effectively control carbon emissions, such as upgrading process equipment, CCUS carbon capture, etc.; second, neutralize unavoidable emissions through carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality And, such as allotment of carbon credits, planting trees, etc.

Of course, in order to do the above content well, careful planning in the early stage is indispensable. So how can companies make their own carbon neutral plans?

1、Accounting for carbon emissions 

When an enterprise wants to improve its own carbon emission system, it must first find out what its emission is, and formulate targeted measures according to the emission.       

Enterprises should determine the accounting boundary and accounting method of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the relevant guidelines for greenhouse gas emission accounting and reporting issued by the state or local governments, and should give priority to local emission factors and prepare greenhouse gas emission reports.

The GHG emissions report should at least include the GHG emissions accounting boundary and scope, the type and number of emission sources, and the time period covered.

Greenhouse gas emission accounting and reporting guidelines adopted: 

① Relevant standards for carbon dioxide accounting and reporting requirements in the project location; 

② Greenhouse gas accounting methods and reporting guidelines for industrial enterprises issued by the state;

③Internationally recognized or general relevant greenhouse gas quantification standards.



2、Achieving carbon neutrality

How to determine if a company has achieved its carbon neutrality target for the year? Annual carbon neutrality can be determined when the annual greenhouse gas emissions within the corporate accounting boundary are less than or equal to the amount of carbon allowances, carbon credits or/and carbon sinks used for offsetting. Conversely, annual carbon neutrality cannot be determined.

3、How can companies reduce emissions 

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Measures:

①The emission reduction strategy of enterprises taking energy-saving measures:


a) Technical plan and quantity of energy-saving measures; improve production process, improve overall efficiency of equipment, take power-saving management measures, fuel-saving measures, improve boiler room system, fuel-saving management measures, plan and pre-statistical year to save water, electricity, and coal , fuel-saving indicators;


b) the time and scope of implementation;


c) required funds and sources;


d) Achieve reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


②Emission reduction strategies for enterprises to improve the replacement rate of renewable energy and the replacement of carbon-containing raw materials:


a) the type and quantity of renewable energy and alternative raw materials;


b) the time and scope of the replacement;


c) required funds and sources;


d) Achieve reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Although carbon allowances can be purchased additionally, it cannot be understood as unlimited purchases. For projects with "high energy consumption and high emissions", the country has explicitly restricted the launch of the project, and it needs its own hard work to strike iron, with the support of a strong technical nuclear management system. Achieve carbon neutrality for a long time and win the future.



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