Sedex membership fees changing 1st June, 2016

07 Apr, 2016,admin
Changes for Buyers (A and AB Members) and Suppliers (B Members)

What is happening?
From 1st June 2016, the fees your organisation pays to be a member of Sedex will be changing.
What are membership fees used for?
As a non-profit, membership-based organisation, all Sedex profits are reinvested on behalf of their members. The changes in the fees, will allow Sedex to fund our AAG/SSF forum and events, as well as the further development of tiered SMETA. In addition the fees will enable further investment and the implementation of features and benefits that will support Sedex‘s members across all membership categories. This includes development of the SAQ, an offline audit tool, improved reporting functionalities, expansion of SMETA, risk management tools, API integrations, supply chain visualisations and much more over the coming months and years.
Why are you changing the membership fees?
While membership fees can be raised on an annual basis, the last time they were actually increased was September 2013. This new change is intended to bring membership fees up to market value and allow for continued investment into the services Sedex provide their members.
Who decides whether membership fees are changed?
The annual membership fee, or mechanism for determining it, is determined by the Sedex board.

What are the changes in fees?

For Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) Members:
  • There will be a 10% increase on fees
  • All existing A/AB Members will pay the revised annual membership fee from 1st June 2016, effective whenever their annual invoice falls after this date
  • All new A/AB members joining after this date will pay the revised pricing, which will include a 10% increase on the joining fee
For Supplier (B) Members:
  • From 1st June 2016 the annual fee, per site, will be £60.00 GBP / $95 USD
Please note that local taxes may apply when paying for your Sedex membership.
Is there a plan for future price increases?
The board intends to revert to revising fees annually following this change. This is likely to mean an annual increase of 3-5%, subject to market conditions. 
If you have any questions on the change in membership fees, feel free to contact Leverage Limited for more information.