Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference

18 Oct, 2021,murphy
Climate change is the result of cumulative emissions of greenhouse gases. Developed countries have unshirkable and historical responsibility since they have been releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for the past 200 years or so of industrialization.At present, the challenge of climate change is becoming increasingly serious which underlines the urgency of international cooperation. Developed countries should earnestly follow the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, face squarely their historical responsibilities, demonstrate greater ambition and actions, and take the lead in fulfilling emission reduction obligations. Meanwhile, they should provide financial, technological and capacity building support to help developing countries enhance their capacity to respond to climate challenges.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China has been contributing to global climate governance, leading efforts in ecological protection, and taking actions to implement the Paris Agreement. It will take 71 years for the EU, 43 years for the US and 37 years for Japan, all of which are developed countries, to achieve carbon neutrality from carbon peak. However, China has set itself a time limit of only 30 years. The time taken by the EU, the US and Japan is 2.4 times, 1.4 times and 1.2 times that of China respectively. China, the largest developing country, will move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in the shortest time, which demonstrates China's sense of responsibility as a major country. Besides, China recently announced that it will step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy, and will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad. This is another major measure to address climate change and positive contribution to global green recovery. Looking ahead, China will continue to take the initiative in taking bolder climate actions and make even greater contributions to the global fight against climate change.

Source: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on October 14, 2021