Keywords of Leverage 2021

02 Jan, 2022,Aron-Leverage

Dear friends and colleagues:
For the past 2021, there are too many emotions and feelings, I want to use four keywords to summarize for you:


In the case of the epidemic and the deterioration of the external political environment, Leverage has experienced the biggest "challenge" since its establishment. Our market, team, business, reputation, and qualifications have all been greatly affected; but we have firm beliefs, adhere to our original intentions, and be tenacious and fearless. With the care of our leaders, the support of our friends, and the hard work of our colleagues, we have successfully passed 2021 and will certainly be able to hand in a "mature, substantial and wonderful" answer sheet in 2022.


Both Leverage and I especially appreciated customers and friends for your trusting, your encouragement, and the message on the official account. There are bursts of warmth between the lines, it has strengthened our mission: ‘helped Chinese enterprises to integrate into the global supply chain more conveniently, more dignified, and more responsibly with our services’.
I want to thank you again for your continued trust and support; thank you for your encouragement and confidence; thank you!
The epidemic in 2021 kept repeating. Thank you for those who stick to their posts and fearlessly retrograde. In order to serve our customers, you have to do nucleic acid tests four times a week.
Leverage and I want to thank you for your sense of responsibility, fearlessness, loyalty, and hard work!
In 2021, we received the concern and guidance of the leaders of the national bureau, municipal bureau, district bureau, and district youth league committee; we also received the attention and guidance of industry organization leaders such as UNGC, ILO, TIC private board, China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Association, China Electronic Industry Standardization Technology Association(CESA), Zhejiang Provincial International Trade Association Digital Committee, etc. we received support and encouragement from brothers and partners in the industry such as Qingdao Anode, Anhui Guotai, Anhui Top Way, Yunnan Comtestor, and Xi'an Wukong, etc.
There are many people and organizations we need to thank, thank you for your company and encouragement in 2021.

Thank you!


The more difficult it is, the more mind reflected, at this time, it tests people’s "faith", the confidence in oneself, in the company, and in the industry. I have been with Leverage team for 7 years and experienced ups and downs, but I have never given up or regretted it; because Murphy and I started our business with "responsibility", to be an international supply chain service organization belonging to China to help Chinese enterprises integrate into the global supply chain more conveniently, with more dignity and responsibility. Responsibility is integrated into the global supply chain. What we are practicing is a mission, confidence in the rise of China, confidence in Chinese culture, and a responsibility for China’s influence. As a witnesses of the development of China’s trade, we have the responsibility to make efforts for Made in China, Chinese brands, and the globalization of China's image.


2021 has become history, we say hello to 2022. At the same time, it is also a new start for us. Everyone could make changes at any time in their lives. I hope that our colleagues will have more gains and growth in 2022, establish their own goals, work hard to reach them, and do not waste their time. You can accomplish a lot in a year, or you may get nothing; everything lies in your own practice, and the result is always relatively fair.
I am full of confidence in the new 2022, we will insist on doing the right thing and strive to implement it, take value service as the guide, carefully consider for customers, invest in innovation to reduce costs, help to improve customer efficiency, provide diversified services to empower value for customers, continue to implement the sustainable development goals and carry out actions based on goals, do a good job in risk management and control, improve corporate governance, provide honest, transparent, and responsible services, optimize personnel system and team management, and unify ideological and action goals.
In 2022, Leverage will work harder. We are China's international supply chain management service organization. Our mission is to help Chinese enterprises, we will adhere to the principles of "integrity, transparency, and responsibility" to serve everyone.
Wish all customers, friends, partners, and colleagues a happy new year, good health, and good luck in the year of the tiger!
Aron Qu
Leverage Limited