Lai SDG is Here with the Winning Prize of the China Youth Innovation Challenge

21 Sep, 2022,murphy

On September 16, 2021, the closing ceremony of the United Nations Global Compact Youth SDG Innovator Project (YSIP) and the first China Youth SDG Innovation Challenge was successfully concluded in Beijing. Leverage Innovator Team (Lai SDG) 's "China Responsible Supply Chain Data Platform (CSRD)" project finally won the competition's winning prize.




The United Nations Global Compact Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP) was launched by the United Nations Global Compact in 2018 to foster business innovation and address global sustainability challenges. In 2020, YSIP landed in China for the first time. The project in China was sponsored by Global Compact China Network and co-sponsored by Sustainable Economy Guide.


SDG innovation challenge had been held over 10 months, during this period, 12 the youth innovation teams from all over the country to promote the 2030 sustainable development goals as the guidance, repeatedly refined through the solution of each iteration, with the British, Lebanon, countries such as India, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh youth online exchange of innovative solutions. Finally, they presented their final SDG innovative business plan to more than 100 guests and more than 100,000 online viewers in the way of road show.





Before the Challenge

In the "Simulation International Conference" session, Jo Fang, on behalf of the Lai SDG team, shared ideas and discussed with team representatives on "How youth can play an important role in promoting SDGs".




At the "Moment of Honor" of the closing camp, YSIP China presented a project completion certificate from the United Nations Global Compact Headquarters to Chinese young SDG innovators.






Roadshow Site 



The CSRD project of Lai SDG team focuses on supply chain, hoping to build a transparent and responsible information and data platform to facilitate the precise connection and trade between multiple stakeholders in the supply chain, and promote the development of stakeholders in a more responsible and sustainable way.

Awarding Ceremony


Leverage's LaiSDG team won the winning prize



Aron Qu accepted the award on stage as a team supporter



Group Photo




Feelings for the Challenge


1. Aron(Supporter)

I am very glad to participate in the first SDG Innovator Challenge in China as a supporter.  I hope the Leverage ‘s LaiSDG youth will learn knowledge and exercise themselves from this event.  To show the world the innovative spirit and responsible good practice of our Chinese youth;  We are ready to work with you to promote responsible and sustainable development of the supply chain.


2.Joyce (Innovator)

I am very glad to participate in the challenge this year .  During this period, I learned how to apply design thinking in our innovation scheme and listened to the case sharing from various major enterprises, which are of great help to the update, iteration and implementation of our innovation scheme.




3.Jo (Innovator)

Very pleased to participate in this. I systematically learned Design Thinking in YSIP. I learned from the innovation experience of multinational companies and science and technology enterprises, met young partners from all walks of life who are committed to sustainable development, and touched on SDG discussion in the international context. It was a beautiful and precious journey of sustainable development.

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