CCAA Filing Greenhouse Gas Inspector Fundamentals Course is in Hot Enrollment

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CCAA registration courses are actively recruiting

Greenhouse Gas Verifier Fundamentals Course

Training time: 2022.9.28~9.29 (9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00)
Training location: Shanghai
Climate change is a severe challenge faced by all mankind. The proposal of the "dual carbon" goal will elevate my country's green development path to a new height and become one of the main keynotes of my country's economic and social development in the next few decades. The carbon emission management industry, as a key link in realizing the dual carbon goals, will have a huge demand for carbon emission managers in the future.
Leverage hereby launched the CCAA filing "Greenhouse Gas Inspector Basic Course", which aims to strengthen my country's carbon emission managers' understanding of climate change and carbon emission management knowledge, comprehensively improve the comprehensive ability of carbon emission accounting, and assist enterprises in low-carbon transformation.

Training Benefit

  • Obtain the qualification of "greenhouse gas inspector": after participating in the training and passing the assessment, you can get the certificate of qualification for the training course of greenhouse gas inspector uniformly numbered by CCAA, which can be used to register the national greenhouse gas inspector.

  • Rapidly improve professional quality: systematically understand the latest policies on carbon market development, master the practical experience of carbon accounting and verification projects, and prepare information, knowledge and skills for participating in the carbon market.

  • Easy access to practical experience: Teaching analysis of key cases of greenhouse gas verification, focusing on practicality, and turning knowledge and experience into action

Training Participants

  • Carbon asset managers of key enterprises in electric power, petrochemical, chemical, building materials, steel, non-ferrous metals, papermaking, aviation and other industries, energy managers of key energy-consuming units and personnel from health, safety, environment and other related departments

  • Carbon emission enterprise technical supervisor, production supervisor, planning supervisor, environmental protection supervisor, energy management department supervisor and related supervisors

  • Enterprises and institutions engaged in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, statistical accounting, verification, trading and consulting staff

  • Third-party certifiers engaged in greenhouse gas emissions verification

  • Legal staff who are concerned about and aspire to carry out ESG and "dual carbon" work

  • Others who are concerned about and are interested in participating in the work of carbon neutrality in China Carbon Peak



What is a Greenhouse Gas Verifier
Broadly defined: Greenhouse gas verifiers refer to persons with greenhouse gas verification skills who are responsible for conducting greenhouse gas validation or (and) verification and reporting the results or (and) the process.
Narrow definition: Greenhouse gas verifiers refer to professionals who conduct verification and verification of greenhouse gases as an independent third-party organization, and issue true, complete and accurate greenhouse gas quantification and reports.
The main function of the greenhouse gas verifier is to act as an independent third party to verify and verify the greenhouse gas emission information of the emission unit through document review, on-site inspection, etc. Data accounting, emission accounting, quality assurance and document filing of emission information, implementation of monitoring plans by emission units, etc. According to the verification situation, a verification report or certification document will be issued.
Carrying out the evaluation of greenhouse gas verifiers is an important measure for the China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA) to promote the implementation of China's carbon peaking goal and carbon neutral vision, and provide strong personnel support for greenhouse gas verification and verification. The China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA) issued the "Registration Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Verifiers" on August 10, 2021, which stipulates the registration requirements for those who intend to engage in third-party verification and/or verification of greenhouse gas emissions.

Registered GHG verifiers can do:


1. Internal greenhouse gas verification and verification

2. Validation/verification experience including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project validation/verification

3. China Voluntary Emission Reduction (CCER) Project Verification/Certification

4. Verification/Verification of Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) Projects

5. Compilation of Greenhouse Gas Inventory

6. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

7. Carbon Emissions Trading Enterprises Carbon Emission Verification

8. Project or organization greenhouse gas verification

9. Low-carbon product certification

10. Product carbon footprint evaluation

11. Carbon neutral certification

12. Carbon neutrality assessment for large-scale activities



Greenhouse Gas Verifier Registration Requirements:

Meet the requirements of CCAA's "Management System Auditor Confirmation Criteria" for college education and work experience + training and training certificate = CCAA officially confirms the auditor's registration qualification

This training can be used as a training experience in the registration requirements

Greenhouse Gas Verifier Registration Certificate



Inquiries after eligibility approval:
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has set up a column of "Inquiry of Vocational Qualifications and Vocational Skills Grade Certificates" on its portal website, and has announced 20 professional and technical personnel vocational qualification certificate inquiry websites and a national online inquiry system for skilled personnel evaluation certificates, including certified personnel. Professional Qualification.

Link for more:


Related Policy
  • Ministry of Ecology and Environment: "Measures for the Administration of Carbon Emissions Trading (for Trial Implementation)"

  • The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council: "Opinions on Completely Accurately Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Job in Carbon Neutralization"

  • State Council: "Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030"

  • State Council: "14th Five-Year Plan" Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

  • National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration: "Opinions on Improving the System, Mechanism, and Policy Measures for Energy Green and Low-Carbon Transformation"

  • China Certification and Accreditation Association: "Registration Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Inspectors"




Course Outline

  • Greenhouse Gas Basics Section

  • Greenhouse gas accounting methods and applications (including ISO14064, ISO14067 and other standards interpretation)

  • Greenhouse gas third-party verification (verification process, key points and key case analysis)

  • Dual carbon targets, domestic carbon trading and CCER projects, etc.




Fees and Certificate Issuance


1. Participate in the offline training document class of the Greenhouse Gas Inspector Basic Course (limited to 60 people) to obtain the CCAA unified number training certificate, fee: 2800 yuan/person

2. Participate in the offline training dual-certificate class of GHG verifier basic course (limited to 60 people) to obtain the CCAA unified number training certificate and the Green Technology Bank GHG verifier training certificate, fee: 3800 yuan/person

3. Participate in the Greenhouse Gas Inspector Basic Course Online Training Course (limited to 300 people) to obtain the Leverage Greenhouse Gas Inspector Training Certificate, fee: 880 yuan/person


Note: The above courses cannot be selected repeatedly; the fee includes training fee, material fee, certificate fee and lunch fee

Certificate Template





(Leverage 温室气体核查员培训证书)


(Green Technology Bank Greenhouse Gas Verifier Training Certificate)



— About Green Technology Bank 

The Green Technology Bank is a comprehensive service platform jointly established by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in order to implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in China. The Green Technology Bank aims to gather international and domestic innovative green technology resources, and achieve the green development goals of reducing pollution, protecting the environment, reducing consumption and improving ecology through industrial innovation and technology transformation. Green Technology Bank has an authoritative green technology information platform and strong vertical technology integration capabilities in the industry.Nearly 8,000 environmentally friendly, safe and efficient green technologies at home and abroad are involved in the fields of energy, environment, transportation, solid waste treatment, river water quality compliance and ecological restoration. In addition, green technology banks can provide customers with third-party certification of green finance such as green loans, green bonds, financial leasing, asset securitization, etc., and provide integrated green technology solutions and a complete set of green financial solutions for major national strategic projects and demonstration projects.


The Green Technology Bank Research Institute is an internal institution of the Green Technology Bank. Focus on technical reserves and research and development in the fields of green building, green energy and green finance (with ESG research center under it), and implement the chief scientist system. Data and case studies to promote green technology evaluation and industrialization.


Participate in and pass the green technology bank's training course for greenhouse gas inspectors, and you can choose the best to become the technical personnel resource pool of the green technology bank, and have priority to obtain the participation qualification of the corresponding project.



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