EcoVadis 2023 New Rating Criteria

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Rating requirements of EcoVadis in 2023



EcoVadis is a platform that helps enterprises evaluate the environmental and social responsibility performance of their suppliers, provides improvement guidance by evaluating the CSR performance of their suppliers, helps enterprises improve their business level, and enables suppliers to have international corporate competitiveness to conduct business cooperation with top multinational enterprises. It aims to improve the performance of companies' environmental and social practices by leveraging the impact of global supply chains. It combines all organizational governance items except the quality of business operations, according to the different size and industry affiliation of the enterprise, through the online submission of data for comprehensive evaluation.

The EcoVadis audit project covers 21 standards covering 4 major themes: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics, and sustainable procurement (a total of 360 assessment questions in four sections), aiming to clearly understand the performance of corporate social responsibility.

The criteria for the scorecard issued from 1 January 2023 are as follows:

■ Platinum: Top 1% (total score between 78 and 100)

Gold: Top 5% (total score between 70-77 points)

Silver: Top 25% (total score between 59-69)

Bronze: Top 50% (total score between 50-58)

*No medals will be awarded if the total score is lower than 50 points, or if one of the environmental, labor and human rights, or business ethics scores is lower than 30 points, or if the sustainable theme score is lower than 25 points.

*Percentage rankings are calculated across all industries and across all companies, not by industry.

Compared with the regulations in 2022, the score in 2023 has been increased again, and it may increase year by year in the future. For enterprises, continuous improvement is necessary.

Medal Requirements of EcoVadis (Others)

In addition to meeting the above criteria, the following requirements must be met at the time of the giving of the scorecard in order to receive a medal:


The assessed company shall not engage in the following industries:

  • Manufacture of tobacco products (ISIC code 1200),

  • Mining of coal and lignite (ISIC class 05)

  • Production of weapons and ammunition (ISIC code 2520)

  • Production of aerospace vehicles and related machinery (ISIC code 3030);


Scorecard topics should exclude the following negative 360° observations:

  • Any serious (SEV) results;

  • More than 1 major (MAJ) results in at least 2 themes

  • Any single theme with more than 5 major (MAJ) results could be considered 1 serious result;

  • Any single theme with more than 25 Minor (MIN) results is considered 1 serious result;

  • A minimum of 5 Minor (MIN) results in each of 2 or more themes could be considered 1 major result.

The 360° observations review the past 3 years for the topics of Environment, Labor & Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement, and the past 5 years for the topic of Business Ethics.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis is an online corporate social responsibility CSR verification platform, which is used by many world-renowned brands as one of the important tools for supply chain risk management and control. In recent years, more and more domestic enterprises are required to participate in the EcoVadis assessment, and the EcoVadis scores are getting higher and higher every year, and new questions will be added as well. Enterprises need continuous improvement if they want to pass the assessment.

1. Brief introduction of EcoVadis:

EcoVadis aims to improve companies' environmental and social performance by leveraging the impact of global supply chains.

EcoVadis provides a collaborative platform for customers and suppliers to help companies assess the environmental and social performance of their suppliers worldwide, with suppliers involved in more than 150 business areas and located in more than 120 countries.

EcoVadis' trusted scoring methodology and use of simple monitoring tools help companies manage potential risks and drive green innovation in their global supply chain management.

EcoVadis solutions have been selected by the world's major multinational companies to audit their suppliers in more than 95 countries and regions around the world.

2. The purpose of EcoVadis audit:

EcoVadis audit is the first step in CSR monitoring; It could be a clear understanding of your company's CSR performance (ie: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics, sustainable procurement); EcoVadis audit results can help you understand where your company stands, and you can use the audit results to explain your company's CSR commitment to your business stakeholders. As more and more customers are concerned about suppliers' environmental and corporate social responsibility performance, EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment can help you meet customer requirements.

3. Process of ecovadis evaluation:

1. Registration

If the enterprise was invited by the customer to participate in the EcoVadis audit, they must register according to the link provided in the invitation email, so that their customer would be informed of the audit progress of the enterprise at any time, the audit result of the enterprise would be automatically shared with them after the job is completed. If the enterprise had not yet received a registration email from EcoVadis, but would like to be assessed due to a client request or for internal business needs, they would have to registr on the website of EcoVadis.

During the registration process of the EcoVadis website, the enterprise needed to provide general information of the enterprise, including legal entity name, country and region, enterprise size and industry. They would prepare customized questionnaires for companies based on this information.

2. Questionnaire

When EcoVadis received and processed a company's registration request, the company would receive an automatic notification containing the company's username and a link to create a password to access the EcoVadis platform, and then the company could complete the CSR questionnaire online. They were required to provide supporting documents during the process of filling out the question-naire. Documents provided would be treated as confidential and would not be shared with business partners by default.

The time to complete the report depends on the maturity level of the corporate social responsibility performance and whether all the information required for the assessment (including documents and records) is available.

3. Expert analysis

After the enterprise submits the questionnaire and supporting documents, and records supporting evidence, the CSR analysts on the EcoVadis platform will evaluate the enterprise's answers and supporting documents. EcoVadis experts use international standards such as ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Global Compact Guidelines as the basis for auditing, which may take six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the company's submission and the number of documents submitted.

4. Results

Once the company's scorecard released, the company would receive an email notification,  the company can log in to the EcoVadis website to view the analysis results and scorecard. If the company assessed at the client's invitation, the business's scorecard could instantly shared with the client. As long as the scorecard was valid, subsequent sharing requests can be fulfilled through ecovadis website. It should be noted that the scorecard was valid for 12 months from the date of issue, the company needed to re-apply for assessment after the scorecard expires.


The EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) audit methodology is based on seven fundamental principles

1. Evidence-based 

The assessed company shall bear the burden of proof. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system is documented (eg policies, certificates, reports).Evidential supporting documents are required. The company's statement will only be scored if it is supported by tangible evidence.

2. The importance of industry category, country and company size

The assessment of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system takes into account material issues relevant to the industry whether the company operates in a risk country as well as the size and geographic scope of the company.

3. Diversified sources of information

The assessment is not only based on documents provided by the company, but also builds upon publications from NGOs, trade unions, international organizations, local government agencies and other third-party organizations (e.g. auditors, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), external compliance databases) on the information.

4. Technical support

Only when an evaluation system is supported by technology can it be stable and reliable. Technology facilitates industrialization, enabling rapid learning, growth and scalability.

5. Expert Evaluation of International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Corroborating/supporting documents are analyzed by experts from around the world and who closely follow best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

6. Traceability and transparency

Every document used in the assessment process is securely stored and traceable. The evaluated companies can obtain the most detailed evaluation results and scoring decisions if required.

7. Continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence

Professional assessment methods are quality-tested, continuously refined, and open to feedback from stakeholders. EcoVadis has implemented a company-wide quality management system supported by a customer advisory board and a scientific committee.


Why choose Leverage--Our advantages

Customized service

Develop an EcoVadis project compliance plan for post-diagnosis results

Provide professional management solutions

Leverage has a sufficient team of technical experts and industry experience to provide enterprises with professional and effective comprehensive management solutions

Strong timeliness

Complete the consulting plan within 3 weeks, including project consultion--determined--decide--compilation--revision--approval--issued--pre-verification--submission, etc.


Leverage is a clean, transparent and responsible third-party supply chain management service company. It is also a member of UNGC, AWS and other international organizations, and has been committed to promoting the realization of sustainable development goals. In addition to providing customers with professional certification and audit services, we also provide strategic consulting projects, such as Ecovadis technical consulting and CDP carbon disclosure consulting services. We hope that through our professional services, we can help more enterprises or organizations to fulfill their social responsibilities, and finally achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

The need for concise, reliable, global corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating services is becoming increasingly important. We sincerely hope that by providing reliable and quantifiable corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessment services, we will promote continuous improvement on sustainable development around the world.

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