Leverage CEO Mr Qu Weifeng, was invited to participate in the 27th CEGA Salon|Public Welfare Observation under the ESG Wave

24 Aug, 2023,murphy

In recent years, ESG has received increasing attention globally. ESG is a practical carrier and effective tool for all types of entities to promote sustainable development, and it is also an important starting point for strengthening transformation and change.

Enterprises bear the brunt of the ESG wave.In the face of ESG legislation, standard formulation, and the improvement of the sustainable development of the financial system, how can enterprises become trendsetters, while practicing ESG to promote green development, and closely integrate with public welfare to leverage greater social benefits?


On the afternoon of April 21, 2023, the twenty-seventh CEGA Salon jointly organized by the China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance (CEGA), the China International Non-Government Organization Cooperation Promotion Association (CNGO) and the Vanke Public Welfare Foundation was held online. Mr. Qu Weifeng, founder and CEO of Leverage, was also invited to attend this salon.


The other three guests who participated in this salon were: Zhang Huatian, Vice President of Carbon Trust China,Chen Chen, program leader of the nature watch project of Shanshui Conservation Center, Jiang Sifan, Project Officer of the Enterprise and Supply Chain of CDP Global Environmental Information Research Center.

The focus of this discussion is on public welfare observation under the ESG wave.








The keynote speakers interpreted the European CSRD, the US SEC Act, China's environmental information disclosure management measures and their impact on enterprises, discussed the requirements of ESG information disclosure on carbon data quality in Europe and the United States, the challenges faced by enterprises in the process of environmental disclosure, and how to apply tools such as carbon labeling, carbon footprint and carbon reduction certification to meet the challenges; ESG related standards and compliance management;The similarities and differences between carbon disclosure and ESG disclosureThe problem of ecological environment access in ESG investment is discussed.

In the discussion session, the guests discussed the collision of public welfare organizations and corporate ESG strategies, the internal logic of public welfare activities and ESG, how environmental public welfare organizations play a role in the ESG wave, and the formulation of institutional strategies to help ESG projects.

About China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance(CEGA)

The CEGA (China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance) was launched on January 29, 2018. It is a platform for exchanges and cooperation among Chinese environmental grantmakers. The purpose is to use the concept of strategic philanthropy to promote the cooperation and development of environmental funders, lead the future direction of environmental funding, and maximize the social benefits of environmental charity funds; The cultural concept is: integration, co-construction, sharing, creating a better future for the environment.

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