Leverage was invited to the SCORE Global Trainer Network Event

28 Aug, 2023,murphy

The SCORE Global Trainer Network Event - Supporting SMEs to move towards a Circular Economy and Net-Zero was held on the evening of April 19th, Leverage was invited to attend the on line.



The seminar had focused on the latest SCORE4 Climate module: Optimize performance through resource efficiency and cycling. And how to support the integration of SMEs into the circular economy. It was followed by a case study that mentioned the success story of Lecka, a small Vietnamese company, and their efforts to achieve net zero emissions.


The lateset SCORE4Climate module:Optimize performance through resource efficiency and cycling.

The global SCORE team is launching a new SCORE training module, SCORE4Climate, to support SMEs to start their path towards circular economy. By introducing key concepts, good practices and practical tools, the module could help SMEs identify opportunities and propose innovative solutions to improve resource efficiency, cleaner production and circularity.

This new module was focused on interaction, the content can be easily to adjust, and could be tailored to the specific needs of SMEs of different sizes and industries. It could not only build the capacity of SMEs to identify simple solutions that are easy to implement, but also encourage SMEs to go a step further and consider more complex solutions such as using renewable energy, setting long-term environmental goals and implementing environmental management systems.

By highlighting the benefits of SMEs in terms of resource efficiency, cleaner production and circularity, the SCORE4 Climate module had strengthen the business case for SMEs to integrate into the circular economy. It is a practical tool for countries to minimize the carbon footprint of SMEs and reduce their collective environmental impact.



How can SMEs benefit from increased resource efficiency and recycling?

  • Boost productivity and save costs by improving resource efficiency.

  • Increase competitiveness by accessing new markets diversification and innovation. 

  • Improve working conditions by reducing worker's exposure to accidents and risks

  • Build resilience to natural disasters, price volatility and resource scarcity


What can brands and retailers benefit from investing in the SCORE4 Climate module?

  • Meeting growing consumer demands for sustainable products and services

  • Improving credibility and reputation through decarbonising supply chains

  • Comply with environmental standards and regulations set by governments and international entitles


Why should SCORE Implementing Partners promote SCORE Climate module?

  • Demonstrate commitment to global action against climate change.

  • Prmote job creation in the emerging green economy and renewable sectors

  • Strengthen resillience of national economy by reducing dependence on natural resources

  • Prevent economic losses due to natural disasters

Success stories from SCORE Training

How SMEs around the world can benefit from improved resource efficiency and cleaner production

India Increase production, reduce waste, improve occupational safety and health

Specifically in:

  • Purchase machinery to increase efficiency

  • Sell scrap material to rubber manufacturers for resource recycling and reusing

  • Introduce dust collector to reduce exhaust gas emission

Production increased from 78% to 95%, and rubber scrap material decreased from 22% to 0%.

Ghana    Ways to improve efficiency and waste management

  • Introducing to a faster, safer bagging process with fewer spills

  • Designated sites for disposal and treatment of waste lime;

  • Waste lime had been turned into paint and sold to local communities

China  How to Increase Productivity While Paying More Attention to Occupational Health and Safety

  • Purchase advanced chemical-free cleaning equipment

  • Improve water efficiency and keep employees safe


Leverage is a responsible third party supply chain management services company, It is a member of China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Certification body (CNCA-R-2020-707), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment Inspection and Accreditation Body (CNAS IB0605), LCA Life cycle Green Management Professional Committee, and is also recognized by many international organizations. Such as UNGC, UNEP, AWS, ILO, etc., can provide customers with carbon verification, carbon inventory, carbon neutral roadmap preparation, ISO management system certification, ISO37301 compliance management system training and certification, corporate social responsibility strategy consulting, ESG report preparation and verification, ESG strategy consulting and other related services. Hoping that it can help the realization of sustainable development goals of enterprises.

Leverage had been authorized by ILO International Labor Organization SCORE sustainable development project. It can provide enterprises with seven modules of training on workplace cooperation, including: workplace cooperation - the foundation of corporate success; quality - focusing on continuous improvement; cleaner production brings productivity; win-win human resources management; Productivity Platform; Business Continuity Plan-Helping Enterprises Overcome Challenges; Gender Equality-Creating Greater Value for Enterprises.

Leverage hopes to contribute to the future development of smes as well as the recovery and further revitalization of the labor market by promoting the improvement of workplace conditions for smes, improving workplace cooperation through full participation and continuous improvement, improving the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.


ISO management system certification | service certification | product certification | product inspection and testing services | corporate ESG strategy consulting | ESG report preparation | ECOVADIS/SBTI technical support | ESG-related capacity building | AA1000 enterprise sustainable development (EGS) report verification

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