Leverage CEO Mr. Qu Weifeng was invited to attend the launch conference of ESG boosting high-quality corporate development and the 2023 For Good Award.

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ESG Boosts High-quality Development of Enterprises, For Good Social Innovation Symposium and 2023 For Good Award Launch Conference


On July 11, 2023, China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum will hold - ESG boosts high-quality development of enterprises, For Good Social Innovation Symposium and 2023 For Good Award Launch ConferenceBy then, scholars, industry experts, ESG leading practice enterprises and investment institutions, as well as good partners from all walks of life will be invited to discuss the ESG hot new trends in the new era and the practice of enterprises and investment institutions, and witness the release of the "Chinese Enterprise ESG Development Report (2023)" and the launch of the 2023 Guangguang Award. Leverage CEO Mr. Qu Weifeng also invited to attend the conference and had been invited by the organizer to participate in the practice sharing of ESG enterprises as a guest. Mr. Qu will discuss the new trend of ESG in the new era and the practice of enterprise development together with other guests.

On June 30, Leverage just released the 2022 ESG Sustainability Report, which details the company's practices and performance in environmental, social, corporate governance and other areas of responsibility based on the principles of objectivity, standardization, transparency and comprehensiveness. In the past year, Leverage had also been actively implementing the company's ESG strategy, participating in various ESG practices, and using its own influence to work with relevant stakeholders to help achieve sustainable development goals. We are well aware that we will face many challenges and difficulties on the road to innovation. However, we firmly believe that continuous innovation is the key to meeting customer needs, maintaining competitive advantage and achieving long-term development. Therefore, we will continue to walk firmly on the path of innovation, constantly challenge ourselves, create value, and make greater contributions to customers and society.

This time, Leverage's ESG practice was recognized by the China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum and was invited to participate in the ceremony. In this press conference, Mr. Qu will have an in-depth exchange with the participating guests. In the future, Leverage will also work harder on ESG development practices to promote sustainable corporate development.


In 2004, the United Nations Global Compact clearly proposed the concept of ESG for the first time.  With continued discussions and development to this day, ESG has gradually become a consensus system that integrates business value and social value.  In the context of China's new development concepts, dual-carbon goals, rural revitalization and other policies, China's ESG practice and evaluation system have taken on even more unique significance.

At the beginning of the development of ESG, how to understand the transformative significance it will bring and how to grasp the opportunities and challenges that come with it will be important and urgent issues facing all enterprises and investment institutions.

In this context, the China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum specially invites ESG authoritative international institutions, industry experts, ESG leading practice enterprises and good partners from all walks of life to discuss ESG hot new trends and corporate practices in the new era, and discuss ESG as a starting point to promote the high-quality development of Chinese enterprises, and witness the release of the Chinese Enterprise ESG Development Report (2023) and the launch of the 2023 For Good Award.


The preview of the highlights of this Conference


⭐️What is the significance of ESG to Chinese enterprises? A number of top experts and scholars clarified the connotative relationship between ESG and high-quality development of enterprises

⭐️How does ESG fit into corporate strategy? Experts from authoritative international institutions gain insights into international ESG development trends and disclosure standards

⭐️How can ESG practice promote the improvement of business value? A number of leading domestic ESG companies share their ESG strategy practices and first-hand experience

⭐️The latest research result "Chinese Enterprises ESG Development Report (2023)" was released, showing the value of China's ESG construction, the development trends and challenges of Chinese enterprises' ESG practices

China Soclal Enterprise and impact investing Forum


China Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Forum (CSEIF) was established in September 2014. It is China’s leading forum with an international perspective that promotes business for good and capital for good. The good industry ecological platform promotes ecological innovation to solve social problems, achieve sustainable social development, and create a better life by linking social enterprises, impact investment institutions, and commercial philanthropic enterprises.

In 2022, the Social Enterprise Forum will realize its own organizational transformation, and build a social innovation work matrix composed of China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum, China Impact Investment Network (CIIN), and For Good Think Tank, starting from a profound understanding of social change, understand the organizational change logic of impact institutions, the innovation logic of impact investment, and the reshaping logic of impact ecology, and research and develop tools and methods that are suitable for Chinese local social innovation based on impact measurement management IMM, so as to help build impact institutions and ecology with a mission of good, resilience, flexibility, and sustainable development, explore the second curve of influential institutions with social innovation as the incision, and stimulate sustainable social value innovation.



The Xiangguang Award is China's first international advanced concept, for Chinese social enterprises, impact investment institutions, business enterprises for good, impact investors, entrepreneurs for good and academic researchers of the highest annual pure public welfare awards, designed to reward and encourage business model innovation. Social value innovative enterprises, investment institutions and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry by solving social and environmental problems in a sustainable and large-scale manner.

Participants not only have the opportunity to get reports from well-known media and organizations, but also may see the bright spots and shortcomings of their own enterprises or projects in social value and business value creation from an internal and external perspective through participating in the preparation of application materials, expert review, road show and other links, and exchange,  learn and grow together with participants who are distributed in different fields and pay attention to different issues.

Since 2017, the For Good Award had been successfully held for 5 sessions, attracting more than 1,000 enterprises and individuals from across the country to participate, and by adhering to the fair, just and open selection principles, it has set a benchmark for social enterprises, business-oriented enterprises, and impact investment industries. Through the For Good Award, many companies and industry enablers committed to social value innovation have the opportunity to be seen by more organizations and individuals, and thus build links and support.



Leverage is a responsible third party supply chain management services company, China National Certification and Accreditation Administration certification body (CNCA-R-2020-707), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment inspection and Accreditation Body (CNAS IB0605), LCA life cycle green management professional committee member unit, is also recognized by a number of international organizations, such as UNGC, UNEP, ILO, etc. We can provide customers with carbon verification, carbon inventory, carbon neutral roadmap preparation, ISO management system certification, corporate social responsibility strategy consulting, ESG report preparation and verification, ESG strategy consulting, ESG training and other related services, hoping to help enterprises achieve sustainable development goals.


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