Leverage was invited to the The 8th Global Petrochemical Innovative Summit

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The 8th Global Petrochemical Innovative Summit was held in Shanghai, China on July 20-21, 2023.


As the global real industry gradually resumes operation and the economy is expected to improve, China's petrochemical industry has entered a critical period of high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan". In the new era, the international investment market is gradually opening up, the market model is shifting to "intensive farming", and high-end chemicals have begun to become the development direction of the industry. The entire industry needs to continuously strengthen top-level design, optimize industrial scale and layout, enhance chain thinking, tilt factor resources to key link projects in the industrial chain, concentrate on breakthroughs in key core technologies, and integrate "production, sales, research and use" as the core. The core is to actively promote the effective connection and coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and guide China's petrochemical industry to further move towards the mid-to-high end of the global value chain.


This summit aims to guide enterprises to grasp the current trend of the industry, focus on building an independent, safe, diversified and controllable petrochemical supply chain, further promote the development of the industrial chain, promote the integration of the supply chain and the industrial chain, multi-dimensional connection of the industry nodes, and build a high value chain.

Leverage was invited to attend

As the organizer of this conference, Leverage was honored to be invited to participate in this Summit. Leverage CEO Mr. Qu Weifeng came to the site himself with a group of colleagues.


Under the new pattern of double-circulation, in order to further promote the high-quality development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" petrochemical industry, focus on integrating resources and seeking innovation, new materials take the lead in breaking through, making innovative breakthroughs, clearing the fog for the transformation and upgrading of China's petrochemical industry, realizing the transformation of high-end development of the industry,  and improving the awareness of enterprises in safety and environmental protection and efficient operation capabilities, so as to build a solid supply chain. At the same time, relying on the industry development ideas guided by China's "14th Five-Year Plan", our petrochemical industry needs to gradually promote high-quality development of the industry;    seek new breakthroughs in the industrial structure;    focus on green, low-carbon, and digital transformation to improve industrial innovation capabilities, accelerate the construction of a modernized petroleum and chemical industry overall system, reorganize the safe and compliant industrial layout, integrate and promote the industrial chain and supply chain, create a high value chain in the post-epidemic period, empower industry development, and work together to achieve new breakthroughs.


First Day of the Summit


On the first day of the conference, experts and scholars from different fields had full exchanges and learning on the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry and the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal, how to provide safety, environmental protection, digitalization, supply chain integration and integration services, enabling the petrochemical industry to achieve high-quality development, and the practice and prospect of low-carbon development of the new energy industry in the context of carbon neutrality.At the welcome dinner and award ceremony held in the evening, Mr. Qu was honored to be awarded the "Outstanding Dual Carbon Pioneer" award by the organizer, marking that Leverage's commitment and practice in sustainable development have been widely recognized. In the future, Leverage will also work harder to promote the practice in the field of sustainable development and "dual carbon", to help more enterprises realize industrial transformation as soon as possible, and build a better future of sustainable industrial development under the new situation.


Outstanding Dual Carbon Pioneer>>


In the astonishing development trend of China's chemical industry, generations of chemical workers play a decisive role. They have dedicated their best youth to the chemical industry, constantly forging ahead, pioneering and innovating, pursuing excellence, and constantly promoting the development of China's petrochemical industry. In order to thank the benchmarks in the chemical industry, the 8th Global Petrochemical Innovation Summit specially set up a "Hall of Honor" to praise and commend this years of dedication, hoping to use stories to highlight the temperature, spread the power of role models, and convey the value of ingenuity.

Mr Qu's Reasons for being short-listed>>

As the founder and CEO of the company, it is very important to lead the company to a correct and sustainable development path.

Since 2017, he have led the company to target some SGDs goals, and successively joined international organizations such as UNGC, UNEP, AWS and SAI to actively participate and practice, and led more stakeholders to participate in SDGs goals and promote the company's services.

Participating in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) in areas such as good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean drinking water and sanitation, affordable clean energy, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action and cooperation, etc.

In the process of benchmarking SDGs targets, through cooperation with brand retailers, in the areas of social responsibility, environment and climate, human rights, business ethics and other areas, we have helped to monitor and promote more than 3,000 enterprises at the supply chain end, interviewed or surveyed more than 70,000 people, and trained and promoted more than 10,000 people. We have also recommended a number of companies to join the UNGC and actively implement the SDGs goals and the Ten UN Principles.

In 2022, China and the industry's leading "Carbon Neutral Path Action Report" will be released to the public to implement the company's climate actions.


In August 2022, he was shortlisted for the Annual ESG Leader Award in the first ESG China Awards hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai;


In November 2022, he led the company to obtain and join the SBTi scientific carbon target approval, becoming the first approved organization in the global third-party industry; becoming one of the few approved companies in China.


We have trained more than 50 nationally registered greenhouse gas inspectors for the society, and provided greenhouse gas inventory, verification, carbon footprint and carbon neutral services to many companies.


Became a carbon neutral global action partner of UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Carbon Neutrality Global Promotion Center Project).


Joined the CCCA Chinese Enterprise Climate Action Organization to show the world the responsible climate actions of our Chinese enterprises.


Second Day of the Summit

On the next day. the 2nd Pujiang Envrionment Sustainable Development Forun Focused on Chemical Value Chain was held.


With the increasingly prominent global environmental problems and the in-depth promotion of the concept of sustainable development, as a key support and basic industry, the pressure of carbon emission reduction makes the chemical industry face multiple opportunities and challenges such as cost, technology, process, management and alternative energy competition.Relying on the "promote green development, promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature" pointed out in the "20", adhering to the "environmental protection priority, health first", focusing on "carbon reduction, energy conservation first", "energy transformation, bring forth the new", "repair the old, benefit and waste, social responsibility" three dimensions, In order to continue the green and sustainable development path under the "dual carbon" goal discussed in the 2021 Pujiang Sustainable Development Forum, the forum focused on the chemical value chain, and takes the green and low-carbon industry as the driving force and on low-carbon technology, green logistics, green supply chain, green chemistry, green new materials and other hot topics to jointly explore new directions, new policies, new technologies and new practices of chemical value chain sustainability, help enterprises to implement sustainable development strategies, and explore effective ways to promote the green transformation of the chemical industry.


In this forum, Mr. Qu was invited by the sponsor to give a keynote speech on the development and challenge analysis of the sustainable supply chain in the chemical industry.


In his speech, Mr. Qu mentioned the development foundation of supply chain management in the Chinese market and the upgrading of disclosure standards and changes in disclosure policies that the petrochemical industry is currently facing from the international community, all of which are realistic problems that the supply chain development of the chemical industry will face in the future. For the chemical industry, how to improve the concept of sustainable development of enterprises, better meet the overall development direction of the entire industry and industrial chain in the future, improve the information disclosure requirements of enterprises in the fields of carbon emission and corporate social responsibility, and then realize the responsible production of enterprises, is an important issue to be considered in the next industrial transformation process of the chemical industry. After that, Mr. Qu introduced to the conference on how Leverage can help achieve the sustainable development goals of the chemical industry, focusing on the content and practice of Ecovadis, and the significance of Ecovadis to help enterprises achieve sustainable development.



At the end of his speech, Mr. Qu also talked about the prospects for a sustainable supply chain in the chemical industry and the various practices Leverage will make to this end in the future.


Round Table Discussion

In the round table sharing session held in the afternoon, Mr. Qu was also invited to attend.


The theme of this roundtable sharing is: Under the background of double carbon, market leadership, policy guidance and enterprises go hand in hand. How should chemical value chain partners work hand in hand to further carry out carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality work to achieve sustainable industrial development.

The host mentioned four questions in total, and the three guests who participated in the sharing all answered based on the practice of their own industries or companies. The following are what Mr. Qu shared with the audience:

About carbon emission target setting: Discuss how enterprises in the chemical industry chain should set scientific pollution and carbon reduction targets under the framework of sustainable development

Mr Qu:As the first organization in the third-party industry in the world to be approved by SBTi , we are active in dual-carbon actions and have unique resources.

We are an organization approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration to engage in greenhouse gas verification, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality and other certifications; We have enough talents and technology to promote the realization of our dual carbon goals; At the same time, we can also use our experience, technology and collaboration with relevant partners to provide customers with a complete set of dual-carbon solutions.

Regarding the application of innovative technologies: Discuss technological innovations for sustainable development, including low-carbon production processes, energy efficiency improvements, carbon capture and carbon storage technologies, etc., and invite guests to introduce the technical practices of their respective companies/institutions appropriately.

Mr Qu:The first step of double-carbon work is to check, understand the situation of the enterprise's own emissions, and identify the main emission sources; The next step is to reduce emissions in terms of management and institutions; One of the very important work is technological transformation and innovation, such as photovoltaic, energy storage, space transformation, etc.

As a technology service company, we Leverage on our own capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive dual-carbon solutions, and on the other hand, cooperate with industry stakeholders to provide customers with carbon reduction and low-carbon solutions. For example, we cooperate with technical parties to help customers convert their chemical fiber overalls into pallets and turnover boxes for their own use, our company could provide the third-party confirmation of process transparency.

About cooperation and development: Discuss how to cooperate and develop among enterprises in all links of the industrial chain, and how to jointly promote the implementation of carbon emission reduction and carbon neutral strategies across industries, and jointly explore their own value and development opportunities on the new track

Mr Qu:Of the 17 UN goals, Goal 13 Climate Action could guide our dual-carbon efforts, and Goal 17 could promote partnerships to achieve the goals, telling us that only stakeholders working together can ultimately achieve the goals. It is not just the key emission industries, the various manufacturing and retailers, the relevant supply chain partners, but also the practitioners and the audience in this room; Only when everyone acts together, responsibly identifies their own emissions from their own point of view, regulates their own emission sources, and reduces emissions, can the dual-carbon goal have a chance to be effective.

The same is true at the supply chain end, taking stock of their own emissions and formulating emission reduction targets is not only to respond to policy needs, but also an effective way to reduce energy costs, and it is necessary to meet the requirements of the market and customers.

About regulations and policy support: Discuss the regulations and policies formulated by government departments in terms of sustainable development, and how to correctly use policy support and incentives for the high-quality development of chemical industry chain enterprises on the double exploration track

Mr Qu:As a third-party technology service company, we not only see the existing policy support for dual carbon, but also pay more attention to the problems that should be paid attention to in the development of dual carbon, such as green washing; As an industry practitioner can not participate in "green washing"; Second, we should be able to identify "green washing" and other behaviors; Third, know how to deal with it.

First of all, there are many laws and regulations at home and abroad that clearly prohibit this, such as the Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on Providing Judicial Services for Actively and Steadily Promoting Carbon Peaking and carbon Neutrality through the Complete, Accurate and Comprehensive Implementation of the New Development Concept, Green Finance Guidelines for the Banking and Insurance Industries, Measures for the Administration of Legal Disclosure of Corporate Environmental Information, and the Law of the People's Republic of China against Unfair Competition, etc. For "green washing", "green bleaching" and other illegal acts are given corresponding penalties and regulations.

Secondly, it is of great significance to be good at using the professional technical capabilities and knowledge of third-party institutions to identify "greenwashing" and other behaviors. Third-party agencies can conduct independent investigations and assessments to help relevant parties identify and avoid the corresponding false risks of "green washing".

Finally, the dual carbon path and sustainable development, we should correctly and actively embrace the requirements of the policy, and strive to make continuous improvement step by step from the aspects of consciousness, own organizational structure, talent training, transparent disclosure, etc., and finally make their own business and sustainable development organically integrated, to achieve the enterprise can see, effective sustainable development.


Leverage is a responsible third party supply chain management services company, China National Certification and Accreditation Administration certification body (CNCA-R-2020-707), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment inspection and Accreditation Body (CNAS IB0605), LCA life cycle green management professional committee member unit, is also recognized by a number of international organizations, such as UNGC, UNEP, ILO, etc. We can provide customers with carbon verification, carbon screening, carbon neutral roadmap preparation, ISO management system certification, corporate social responsibility strategy consulting, ESG report preparation and verification, ESG strategy consulting and other related services, hoping to help enterprises achieve sustainable development goals. Leverage is committed to providing responsible health and safety risk management solutions for businesses, ensuring that the interests of all parties involved in the company's internal and external operations are protected.


ISO management system certification | service certification | product certification | product inspection and testing services | corporate ESG strategy consulting | ESG report preparation | ECOVADIS/SBTI technical support | ESG-related capacity building | AA1000 enterprise sustainable development (EGS) report verification

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